Advanced Driver Assistance Interfaces, OBDII Final Year Project

Time Plan / Progress Report

Final Year Projects start in week 4 of the first term, so thats why I am not starting at Week 1, just incase you were wondering 🙂

Week 4 Completed, Wc 19th October 2009

  • Got a supervisor, introduced my project to him. Time Taken  30 Mins.
  • Started research into OBDII using Metalib at library. Time Taken 2 Hours.

Week 5 Completed, Wc 26th October 2009

  • Second meeting with supervisor, went though project proposal, suggested some changes I needed to take. 30 Mins
  • More research on OBDII and Human Computer Interaction. 3 Hours
  • Found 10 Academic papers which I will be able to use in more report, going to check with supervisor if they are suitable.

Week 6 In Progress, Wc 2nd Novemeber 2009

  • Meeting on weds morning with supervisor. 15 Mins
  • Need to contact library and setup meeting to find keywords for project searching. 15 Mins
  • Need to contact a lecturer to talk about HCI. 15 Mins
  • I have created a very basic elm327 interface program in Delphi 2010, just to make sure my project is viable, and IT WORKS 🙂 got the engine RPM showing on a digital gauge, sampling at 100ms.

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