Advanced Driver Assistance Interfaces, OBDII Final Year Project

Draft Project Proposal

This is my Draft Project Proposal so you can get an idea of what I am trying to achieve over the next few months.


STUDENT NAME: Wesley Ellis


PROPOSED TITLE OF PROJECT: Creating an Advanced Driver Assistance Interface to increase driver awareness using Human Computer Interaction.



A lot of focus has been put into increasing fuel economy in modern cars, making them more economical also reduces their impact on the environment, but the biggest way to increase fuel economy is to change the way people drive their cars.

The aim of my project is to develop a human user interface which will interact with the driver using audio and visual prompts, helping the driver to improve their driving skill and increasing fuel economy.

I enjoy using computers and driving cars, so doing this project will interest and test me in both of these areas.

Areas for research include:

What are car manufactures currently doing to improve fuel economy?

What is the government doing to combat this problem?

Is Bio-Diesel really an alternative to normal fuels?

What current technologies exist to get human user feedback from cars? Are they effective?

The hardest part of the project will be interfacing the car with a laptop to provide the feedback to the driver.

After completing this project I will have a good understanding of human computer interfaces, how they work and what is effective.


The final product will be a working software system which interfaces with the car and provides feedback to the driver about their driving style and ways in which they can increase their fuel economy.

Potential clients include members of the public who want to save money on fuel and improve their driving ability. This project may also be of interest to major car manufactures who are currently researching these technologies.


Week 1 to 12

Start research into the technologies which will be required to complete the project.

Week 13 – 18

Start developing the product.

Week 19 – 25

Begin testing the product and start writing the first draft report.

Week 26 – 30

Finalise the report and write-up results of testing.



2 Responses to "Draft Project Proposal"

Great start Wesley. Keep on with the research and allow it to direct you to a solvable problem with a realistic opportunity for a product. John Bonner in CW3/18 (live:lab) would love to help you with your work as he’s in to all the novel interface stuff as well as methods of evaluation.
You definitely need to sort out whether the product is going down the engine management or the HCI route i the next few weeks.
Good work
Michael 🙂

will do, hopefully have it sorted before I see you next week.

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