Advanced Driver Assistance Interfaces, OBDII Final Year Project

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Using a blog has always been an easy way for me to keep track of projects. So when I was told that I had to keep track of EVERYTHING I did for my final year project at Huddersfield University I decided this would be the easiest way. It also serves the purpose of giving my examiner and supervisor a central hub for checking my progress over the year.

So what’s my project going to be about?

Well I have always been interested in cars and computers so it seemed logical to combine these two elements into a project. I have decided to create an Advanced Driver Assistance Interface which will increase driver awareness of dangerous conditions while driving, the secondary aim of the interface is to reduce the amount of fuel the car uses by displaying information to the driver using audio and visual prompts about their driving habits.

How are you going do this?

I am planning on using a range of technologies already present in modern cars manufactured after the year 1996. These cars include an Onboard Board diagnostic System (OBDII) which can relay real-timeĀ  information to a laptop using a serial to USB interface.


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