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Success! OBDII Engine RPM Display Working

Posted on: November 3, 2009

Well, I have produced a very early prototype this week, just to make sure that my project is going to viable! Don’t want to get all the way to January and realise that I can’t code the damn thing.

So for anybody that’s interested here’s a screen shot of the prototype.

Prototype for Engine RPM

Prototype for Engine RPM

The prototype was written in Embarcadero RAD Studio AKA Delphi 2010, uses an ELM327 serial to USB interface (38400 Baud Rate) purchased from Ebay for about £15. Theres no data on the screen because it’s not connected to the car (it was raining) 🙂 but it does work.

I managed to get the timer down to 100 ms with no errors, so I will see if I can push it further next time I’m testing it. If anybody knows what the minimum ms is please post a comment below. I know that it varies with every ECU, but whats the general figure that works 99% of the time with most cars.

1 Response to "Success! OBDII Engine RPM Display Working"

I am attempting the same thing but i havent tried to code it yet. I’m using visual studio. i was wondering if you could send me a copy of the source code where you retrieved the data from the ecu.

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